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We strongly believe that establishing partnerships with Chinese schools benefits the US by increasing diversity as well as spurring economic growth for US communities. Formal agreement will be signed between schools to promote ANY possible programs, including but not limited to:

Short Term Student Exchange Program
  • US B1/B2 visa, students come for 2-8 weeks for academic, cultural and sports exchange;

Short Term Teacher Exchange Program
  • US B1/B2 visa, teachers come for 2-10 months for educational and cultural exchange or training;

International Pen Pal Program
  • International Pen Pal Program: US and Chinese students exchange ideas and learn from each other by emails.

Every year, Each Future will invite the interested partner school representatives to travel to China and visit their candidate Chinese sister schools. Official and fair cooperation agreement will be signed between the US and Chinese school if the two parties are both satisfied with the meeting.

Short Term Student Exchange program

Short Term Teacher Exchange program

International Pen Pal Program

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