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The EFCN High School Programs are for any public or private school that desires to foster education exchanges with a different culture and increase international participation in American high schools.

  • Academic Year Program/AYP program: US Department of State designated J1 visa program. Duration 5 or 10 months.

  • Private or Public F1 visa program: Students come for minimum one semester;


EFCN devotes its efforts to increasing the international visibility of its Partner High Schools and enabling them to offer the programs and services needed to better educate international students.

EFCN works with you to Build, Streamline and Perfect your program, whether you are beginning this initiative or looking to enhance your existing program.

EFCN will assign a professional consultant to assist your school to build practical and sustainable international programs. Our services include:

  • To select the most suitable students from our cooperating Chinese schools;

  • To manage the transit for Chinese students to come study at US schools, including but not limited to conducting all language and subject tests, preparing student’s visa and school application, conducting pre- and post- arrival orientation, arranging the travel plan and other important details. To establish local representative and host family network at US based on local laws;

  • To collect and pay related fees to the US school district and local host families;

  • To work with the US school, local representative and host families, to manage and provide 7/24

  • support for the students when they are in US (1-888-808-EFCN/3326);

  • To organize various activities and help Chinese students apply for US college entrance.


Grow International Visibility

EFCN thoroughly investigates every partner school’s feature and strength. Our accurate and individual promotion campaigns will help build unique and recognizable brand image for our partners.

Recruit the Most Suitable Students

EFCN cooperate with nearly 50 Chinese high schools to select the most suitable students for our partner school.

Increase Cultural Diversity

Accepting motivated chinese students to the school will not only help the local students get a better understanding of the globalization, but also help improve GPA.

Spur Economic Growth for US communities

Tuition payment and living expense of the Chinese students will bring extra income to the host communities.

Academic Year Program

F1 Visa Program

Summer & Winter Camp

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